What's The Max Age Difference If You're Looking For An Asian Bride In Asia?

Can I still date a 20 something year old girl?

04 January 2018


For Chinese ladies I've generally found they're not keen on large age differences. 5 years is generally the maximum they will go for.

However, if you're older than 50 then you can stretch this a few years, especially if the lady is over 40 years of age.

I did once date a Chinese girl who was 12 years younger than myself. That relationship worked pretty well as she was very mature for her age. But again and again on dates or dating site conversations then I've heard a lady have reservations about the age difference.

I've been told the half your age + 7 years rule is a good one for calculating how young you can date down to. But I've not found it to be terribly good advice for China.

So - for Chinese ladies at least - don't stretch that age difference out too much.

07 January 2018

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