Romance Tour Help Needed!

How do i find out info on your tour packages i have questions like who much does it cost and what does that amount include. How do get to talk to a person because when there is no contct info well lets just say that is a red flag

08 January 2018


Hi Tony,

If you're intending to go on a romance tour organised by A Foreign Affair (also known as then don't worry the company is legit. However they are somewhat slow in answering their emails. I know it's annoying, especially as the romance tours cost $$$$.

Tour prices used to include hotel, meet + greet ladies + cost of interpreter if you're going to somewhere like China and need help talking to ladies who don't speak English.

Check on airfare - it used to be included but I don't think it's included anymore.

A tip I have is to think of everything you might need to buy to go on a tour then ask them if it's all included.

Also check the costs if you want to stay longer than the few days the event itself lasts for.

Extras you might need to factor in include hiring an interpreter if you want to go on some more dates after the event but need a little help organising things.

Finally yes the romance tours are expensive but it can be equally as expensive to go and do things your own way. I've lived in China for 3 months and do you know how many dates I've managed to schedule in that time by myself? Precisely zero!!!

13 January 2018


Tony - here's a list of the AFA romance tour prices: tour prices

It also shows what you get for your money.

Sound good if you've got a spare $2795!

14 January 2018

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