Recommendations For Senior Friendly Asian Dating Sites?

I'm a retired guy in my late 60's. Just checking to see what's out there.

14 January 2018


Hi Anon,

For senior asian dating I'd recommend the cupid suite of Asian dating sites. So that would be China Love Cupid, Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid. The sites are easy to use and have plenty of ladies in your target age range.

I'd stay away from the free sites like Thai Friendly and DateInAsia.

You're wise and mature, and you have time to set up a really attractive dating profile on one of the cupid sites. These sites are also easier to use and they're still my favourite sites for my own personal search for love in Asia.

Also be careful of any site that charges you on a credits type system. These can be really expensive! They're often set up specifically to target older, maybe more naive internet users. Avoid them if you can and use one of the cupid sites. China Love Cupid, Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid all have a flat rate membership fee system which allows you to pay monthly or annually. Once you've paid you can contact as many women as you like.

Good luck.

One final thing, on the dating sites set your required age range for your partner and stick to it ruthlessly. Delete contacts from anyone outside that range. As an older, presumably more wealthier guy, you're the #1 target for romance scammers.

Any more suggestions then post them below.

22 January 2018

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