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I have recently met ( about 3 weeks ago ) a Filipina woman online. She tells me that she is working in China because of the economic challenges in the Philippines. She wants to come to America. She sent me to a travel agency called Wang Standard Tours for the visa process and flight arrangements. I have checked the company out and they are reputable. She also told me that she has $500 to put toward the process. We have talked many times over the phone and of course countless emails. I have only seen her in the pictures she has sent me. She tells me that she does not have Skype, WhatsApp or any other means of visual contact. My question to you is, Do you think I am being scammed ? Do you think I should I continue with her ?

17 June 2018


Hey leglover,

Yeah I would say this has scam written all over it.

I am in China right now. It's true that there are Filipinas working here. However I'm always a bit suspicious of them. China has masses of people, so why does it need to import nannies and other workers from the Phillies?

Also China is wealthy and out of 250 of my "poor" students only 1 does not have a smartphone. Sure, whatsapp does not reliably work here. But Skype often works. And she'll also be able to use Chinese chat tools like WeChat. Actually WeChat has a pretty good video chat service built in.

Finally no company in China is that "reputable". Even Trip.com the behemoth travel company used by millions of Chinese charges way more for flights than the Western based bucket shops.

If you want an Asian bride the best thing to do is do what I am doing and relocate to Asia for a while.

Good luck with your search.

22 June 2018

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