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I've Been Chatting To This Asian Girl I Like. Will I Have To Support Her Family?

Any info you can provide? I'm on a limited income and can barely support myself, letalone my girl's extended family.

01 January 2018


Marry her, marry her family as the saying goes.

Yes in general you will have to support your new Asian bride's family, and in some cases her extended family.

For this reason if you use a local dating website in a country like China then you'll see all kinds of information you can fill in about your parents' income and general state of welfare!

So before falling in love with a lady, it's always a good idea to keep a moderately cool head and make some enquiries about the size and financial state of her family. Asian people will do this so you'd be foolish not to as well.

Thankfully some countries are making changes. For example more older people now have pensions in China. But healthcare is still expensive and not that many people have health insurance. It's also worth bearing in mind that the retirement age is pretty low in Asia. For example many people in China retire by the age of 55, whereas it's 65+ in the United Kingdom.

Before you marry anyone from Asia, make sure you know exactly what's expected of you financially after marriage!

Wise guys will make sure that her family have the means to support themselves. For example, you could help them to buy a food cart or a small bar. Or buy them some land they can farm. But don't get too carried away with business plans as that could be the last you'd ever see of that money.

Finally, set limits, boundaries and generally act like you're in charge of the household.

04 January 2018

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