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Is It Worth Having A Long Distance Relationship With An Asian Woman?

Anyone got experience of this?

23 December 2017


It depends. What do you expect out of it?

My Asian friend had a long distance relationship with a someone from US for 4-5 years. The guy visited Philippines 2 times only in those years. My friend was able to get fiance visa last year and now they are married.

If you wanna avoid scammers or don't want to be financially burdened by your gf and her family's problems, talk to those with a job or at least a college graduate. Most of the time you can tell by how a girl talks or writes. The well educated usually can speak/write better English.

Or go with Asian girls who live in developed countries. The problem though is that most of then do not really like to mingle with foreigners, that is why the population in these countries is quite homogeneous, genetically speaking. Most of these Asian girls are looked down upon by their peers when seen with a foreigner.

24 February 2018


I would like to edit the English proficiency as test of whether educated or not.. it is only applicable to countries that use English from elementart school to univ.

Good luck.

24 February 2018

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