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Is Chineselovelinks Still A Good Place To Meet Chinese Women?

04 December 2017


Is Chinese Love Links still good?

YES - and - NO!

There are still a lot of Chinese ladies on this site. A lot speak some English, and the majority are open to the idea of finding a foreign husband.

So now to the problems...

The first problem is that the site doesn't seem to be as popular with ladies as it once was. If you're living in or visiting a smaller Chinese city then you'll really struggle to find enough ladies to meet. Many major cities only have a dozen or so ladies in your age range who have logged on in the last month.

This is less of a problem if you're interested in ladies from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen. In other words the tier 1 cities.

This is also less of a problem if you're talking to ladies while you're living in another country. Then location of specific ladies isn't going to be quite as critical for you. Still, bear in mind that if you've found a lady in a city such as Ningbo, Qingdao or Wenzhou. If you fly 1000's of miles to visit her and she doesn't turn up for your first date, or she's not The One, then you might struggle to find other ladies to meet.

The second problem is that the site has really failed to keep the pace with dating developments. I'm thinking specifically of mobile dating. Chinese people have as many dating apps available to them as we have in the West. So they're using these more than they are sites like Chinese Love Links. Single Chinese ladies will be using TanTan, Momo and a whole host of other apps that can be easily installed on their mobile phones. They're also integrated with the Chinese micropayments system.

China also has a lot of online dating sites and they have way more members than Chinese Love Links! CLL is a comparative minnow in the Chinese dating market. JiaYuan is one such example. It's a huge corporation and as well as their popular dating site they run dating events in many Chinese cities.

Finally Chinese Love Links has now renamed itself as China Love Cupid. The name change has IMHO not had a positive effect in terms of signing up new female members.

Finally finally... China Love Cupid is really expensive for what it is. If you're living in China then TanTan is 100% free and the JiaYuan dating site is about 25% of the cost of China Love Cupid.

06 December 2017

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