I Want An Asian Gf. How On Earth Do I Get Started??

Title says it all. How do I get started in my search for an Asian girlfriend?

29 August 2017


Hey anon,

First steps are to visit Asia and see it for yourself.

If you're from the USA and don't have a passport then get one now! Get the hell out of the USA which is really decaying.

So once you've got your passport then you gotta go to Asia and see for yourself just how generally awesome it is.

If you're of retirement age then maybe you might want to consider moving there on a permanent basis.

If you're younger and still of working age then why not consider working in Asia. English teachers are greatly in demand throughout East and SE Asia. It helps if you have a teaching certificate, clean police record and a bachelor's degree. If not then you can generally find work somewhere.

While you wait for your passport then put some thought into what country's women you like best. It's best to focus on a single country then you can learn more about the culture - and maybe the language(s) too.

This GirlfriendOMatic Asian girlfriend finder might help you to pick a country.

As a very general rule China has the most wealthy and educated ladies, the Philippines is the easiest place to find a girlfriend (and a much younger one) and Thailand is the best place to actually live in Asia as an expat. Vietnam is another option if you're more familiar with Asia.

Good luck with your search for love in Asia :).

04 December 2017


Register on its free and you can soon start chatting to 1000's of Asian ladies. Just be aware of scammers who want your money.

07 December 2017


I got started by looking on the website and checking out the ladies' profiles from different countries.

Like many (most?) white dudes I've always had a bit of yellow fever so I finally settled on the idea of finding a Chinese girlfriend.

The foreign ladies website is (was?) awash with profile of Chinese ladies.

I'm not sure I would personally recommend that site. It's very expensive. But it's a great place to start window shopping for inspiration.

Generally speaking it's a good idea to stick to a single country. That way you can get to know the language, customs and culture and not spread yourself too thinly. There are said to be 1.4 billion Chinese (just in mainland PRC itself) so there's gonna be enough ladies in that country to keep yourself busy. also has ladies from the Philippines, Eastern Europe/FSU and Latin America.

03 January 2018

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