I Want A Chinese Wife But I Don't Speak Chinese. What Are My Options?

05 January 2018


Hey Anon,

I faced the same problems when I started to search for a Chinese wife myself.

When I first started my search I used the Chnlove website. This one is good in that every time you send an email to a lady the company translates your email into Chinese so the lady you're interested in can read it. Then her response is translated back into English. It's kind of a good system but it's really expensive. You have to pay around $5 each time you send or receive an email so the costs quickly mount.

Also do you always know if the translator is doing a good job? What if they're not honest, or they can't be bothered that day?

Well after I while I got fed up with the huge requirement to keep buying credits on Chnlove so I looked for alternatives.

The next site I tried was Chinese Love Cupid (formerly Chinese Love Links). This site is a lot cheaper as you pay a monthly/quarterly/annual flat rate fee much like on For that fee you can send and receive unlimited messages. The other great thing is that quite a few of the ladies on the site read and write English, so you don't need a translator.

Since I started using Chinese dating sites in 2009 technology has improved a lot. One thing you can now do is get a lady's WeChat contact details then talk to her on that. I'd recommend you only do this after exchanging a few messages on the dating site first. That way the site can have a bit more time screen her account to make sure she's not a scammer. Obviously if she starts hinting about money then that's huge red flag.

Anyway, once you're chatting on WeChat then it has a built in translate into English function that works kind of well.

The biggest problem with automatic translations is that sometimes it puts in a poor choice of words. Also it doesn't work very well with tenses. So you might run into troubles with stuff your lady has done/is going to do.

I've also tried a few other Chinese dating sites. China Love Match has a lot of English speakers on it. Chinese Kisses is also worth a look as there are fewer guys using the site so there's less competition.

TwoRedBeans has a lot of English speakers on it as well, as the ladies are mostly living outside China.

Finally once you start learning Chinese and get to an intermediate level then you can start using dating sites intended for the local Chinese dating market. I'm currently using Jiayuan. It has no English interface and is really hard to use but it has 100x as many ladies' profiles on it as China Love Cupid does!

13 January 2018

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