I Just Signed Up To China Love Cupid. Where Are The Best Provinces To Find Chinese Ladies?

03 January 2018


Congratulations Burt, I still think China Love Cupid is the best site for finding Chinese ladies who are interested in having relationships with Western guys.

If you're not already in China then I would focus on ladies in the major so called Tier 1 cities. These cities are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Beijing has the most choice and the ladies there speak good Mandarin (the main language and one you can try learning). It also has the most flights from other countries. Just be aware the weather is cold in Winter. Also air quality can be bad, so avoid if you suffer from chest infections.

Shanghai is another big international city. However the women here are very Westernised and you'll experience more princess behaviour here. Personally I found Shanghai as a city to be overrated. It's not just me. I visited it with my Cantonese girlfriend and we both felt out of place.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen are in the deep South of China and both have hot sub-tropical climates. Shenzhen is more modern, but Guangzhou has more interesting tourist sites. Shenzhen tends to have more professional "alpha female" ladies but I found more housewife type ladies in neighbouring Guangzhou.

All of these cities have a lot of migrant workers from other provinces. Guangzhou and Shenzhen have a lot of single ladies from Hunan and they are particularly well suited to Western guys. They have a fairly mild temperment. They have a fairly dark skin tone. They're not to tall. And there aren't too many Shanghai princess type ladies from that province.

If you want to spend a lot more time exploring China or even living there then again I would focus on Hunan. The province's capital Changsha is worth a visit. You'll not see many foreigners there. It's also a good place for dating as it's home to one of the biggest international marriage agencies that supplies profiles to the pay-per-letter international dating sites.

The smaller coastal cities are also worth a look. Wenzhou and Xiamen offer a really good quality of life. However, there will be less English speakers here so dating will be harder.

Wuhan in Hubei Province is another possibility but just be aware the weather is ferociously hot in Summer and the Winter can be depressingly cold.

I've had really good dates with ladies from Yunnan and Guangxi. These provinces are in the South and again have hot, sub-tropical climates.

So there's my list of recommendations. If you have any other recommendations then post a reply below.

04 January 2018

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