Do Asian Women Like German Men?

Anyone from my country have any success dating women from countries like Thailand?

31 December 2017


I'm not German myself. From what I've seen from living in Asia, German guys have a pretty high status here.

Generally speaking Asian ladies tend to set their goals on an American guy. But a European guy is also pretty popular. Just remember that your average Asian lady doesn't tend to know that much about other countries beyond the usual stereotypes. The exceptions tend to be the few ladies who have toured Europe. And of course there are many Thai ladies who have dated guys from other countries. In fact I once went to a restaurant in Thailand whose restaurant had a lot of Norwegian food on it. I subsequently found out the owner had once been married to a Norwegian guy.

As for German guys, they can do very well for themselves in Thailand. They're also in demand in China. China does a lot of business with Germany. German language teachers are in high demand in China, as are English speakers of course. So if you're a German native speaker then you could potentially find well paid work in China (or elsewhere in Asia).


28 December 2017

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