Can You Tell Me When The Best Time To Visit A Lady In Asia Is?

02 January 2018


Hi Anon,

It basically comes down to 3 main variables: weather, Asian holidays/availability of ladies and flight costs.

Well 4 if you have a job or other commitments and can only travel at certain times of the year!

Flights generally cost less if you fly mid-week. Avoid peak times such as Christmas, Easter and (to a lesser extent) Chinese New Year + Mid-Autumn. Get the best deals on flights by checking Skyscanner to see which days in a particular month offer the best value flights.

As to weather - the best times to visit Asia are in the Spring (April/May) and Autumn (September/October). Unless you love cold weather then avoid anywhere North of China's Yangtze River from November - February. Thailand is hot all year round but you'll find it's a bit cheaper and less crowded outside the peak November - February season. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are similarly hot all year round.

China get surprisingly chilly in Winter and bear in mind that properties in Southern China don't generally have indoor heating. Aircon units do often have a heating mode but they're not that great to be honest.

You'd have to be crazy to visit South Korea in Winter. Stick to Spring/Autumn.

As to availability of ladies - bear in mind that in Asia people generally take their holidays at the same time. In China this is around mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year. Both festivals depend on the lunar calendar so the exact date of them will vary from year to year.

China and Thailand also have a number of other festivals dotted throughout the year.

You'll find most ladies have more free time for dating during these festivals. But also bear in mind they might have more family commitments. In Chinese New Year for example many people go back to their family ancestral home. This might be hundreds (or even 1000's) of miles away from their place of work. This particularly applies to ladies who work in the gigantic coastal cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. A lot of the workers in these cities are migrants from other provinces.

07 January 2018

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