Are There Any Chinese Dating Sites For Local People?

I've moved to a smaller city in China. I'd like to date local people but my Chinese isn't that great. I tried China Love Cupid and Chinese Kisses but there are only half a dozen women who have recently logged into the site who live in my city.

Can I use local dating sites instead? I know from events such as Chinese singles day (11/11) that dating is a big thing in China. But I can't seem to make inroads into the local dating scene.

Thanks for your help,


04 January 2018


Hi Kevin,

Yes there are many Chinese dating sites just intended for local Chinese people. Dating is a huge business in China!

One site I use personally is called JiaYuan. I know this company is legit because I once visited their offices in Guangzhou.

Well the dating site itself is pretty big in terms of the number of profiles on it. There are at least 100x as many ladies on it who live in your average Tier 2 Chinese city compared to the number of profiles you'd find on Chinese Love Cupid.

And the other nice thing is that it's much, much cheaper than Chinese Love Cupid! I paid just 248 RMB for a year's membership. That's roughly a quarter of the price of Chinese Love Cupid, and you get 100x more ladies to contact!

So what's the catch?

The problem is that JiaYuan's website is only available in Chinese, there's no English version. This makes it incredibly tricky to use. Furthermore I believe it can only be used if you have a Chinese means of payment and a China registrered mobile phone. I may be wrong on that. Again, without it having an English user interface then it's hard to tell.

I also hate the fact that it's like many other Chinese language websites in that every time you click a link it opens in a new browser tab.

On top of that it also does the annoying thing of trying to get more money out of you once you've already paid for membership.

Finally I've had no success on there to date. Yah, this is the biggest annoyance. Maybe it's because the few Chinese ladies who want foreigner husbands are on sites like Chinese Love Cupid and not JiaYuan. Or maybe I'm not using the site properly.

I'll also add that this time I'm looking for dates in Eastern China (near to Shanghai). It seems more Westernised here, and a dating wasteland compared to where I was in Guangdong Province before.

Well I will keep going with JiaYuan but it's proving a bit of a disappointment.

Chinese Love Cupid is still pretty good but where it falls down is that there just aren't enough ladies's profiles from the smaller Chinese cities. This isn't a problem if you're going the long distance relationship route and can effectively talk to ladies in any location. But if you're already in China then it's a bigger problem.

13 January 2018

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