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Farangland is a term people use to describe Western countries such as the United States, UK and Canada. It's derived from the Thai word farang, which means foreigner. Farangland is therefore the general place that foreigners go when they're not visiting Thailand.

Farangland is a good place to live if all you want to do is make money. But for relationships, not so much. The dating environment in farangland is perceived as being very toxic, especially if you're a man. This has the ramifications of also making dating much worse for women. Although they will also have the upper hand in the dating market. But at the end of the day, nobody has really benefited from feminism.

Other negative aspects of living in Farangland compared to SE Asia? Excessive immigration has had a terrible effect on communities with the result that native born people no longer recognise the country they were brought up in. And Farangland has a bigger crime and drug problem than most of Asia. For that reason, more people (especially men) are looking beyond the anglosphere, and trying to make a fresh start in more pleasant parts of the World.



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