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The economic superpower that is China doesn't look like it will run out of steam anytime soon. But is it a good place to find an Asian bride?

The plus points of China are:

  • The country has a vast population, and of course there are many single ladies.
  • Chinese ladies are traditionally loyal and will faithfully follow their husband whatever his endevours are.
  • As a foreigner it's much easier to date middle to upper class Chinese ladies than it is to date the equivalent ladies in Thailand.
  • Chinese ladies look after their figures. They rarely smoke, drink or get disfiguring tattooes.
  • If you want to live and work in Asia then China's booming economy means it's generally not too difficult to find work there.
  • Becoming more knowledgeable about economically powerful China may have some useful career benefits for you.
  • The country is generally much safer than Thailand, the Philippines or maybe even your corner of Farangland. Gun crime is practically non existent and crimes committed against foreigners are also extremely rare.

On the downside:

  • There is a huge cultural and language difference between China and Western countries.
  • Most Chinese are still suspicious of foreigners and racism is rife. Nationalism is rife and saying even vaguely anti-China comments can really turn people against you.
  • Chinese ladies are rapidly becoming Westernised, which is usually a major turn off to the very guys who are trying to escape the poor dating scene back home.
  • Back to the language issues, well there's no escaping the fact that around 99% of Chinese ladies speak little or no English. This makes dating a major exercise. It also makes travelling, shopping and just about everything else incredibly difficult, especially outside major international cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

In summary, if you're seeking a top quality Asian bride, then China ought to be at the very top of your list.



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